Tuesday, April 29, 2008


so the the other day i was sitting with kimmi, watching the jazz game, when half time hit. i thought to myself "i want to shave my head" so we went to the bathroom and started shaving. in the process i decided i wanted a mullet. so i had a mullet. it was awesome. i wanted to keep it, but i couldn't. it looked so trashy. anyway, so i went to my sister's house so she could fix everything up, and now i'm missin the mullet so much. i know everyone hated it, but it was sweet. it made me feel original. yeah, maybe it looked super ill, but non the less, i felt original. and ultra tough in the process. meh, it'll grow back right?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

hey jude!...

im totally into the beatles right now. im not really sure why. well, yeah i do kind of know why. i watched "Across the Universe" about a month ago at one of my friends house. at first i didnt think it was really anything too special. it was just ok. but then i found myself singing some of the songs every once in a while. so i watched it again. and again. and again. i love it. and i really really love the songs. they are great. so tonight i talked to my parents about the beatles and i thought i would just come let you all know how big of a fan i am. i really really like the beatles. haha. tell me what you think about them. or what you think about what i think. just whatev. be safe.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

im back...

hey all! i have decided to come update my blog a little bit. so a lot has happened since we last talked, no? i got fired from my pretty awesome job at snowbird a month or two ago which was a huge bummer because it was an ultra sweet job. the work was relatively easy, i usually got off early enough to go ride the hill a little bit, the pay was decent, and i liked everyone i worked with. the only problem was the commute. oh man that commute sucked. it took me about 45 minutes to get to work every day, and it was taking a toll on my car. the reason i was terminated was because they shut the canyon down to anyone that didn't have 4-wheel drive or chains- two things i dont have- and so i had to wait for a bus. the fastest bus i could catch was 20 minutes late! and i couldn't call them because my phone didn't have service in the canyon. how crummy is that? i tried to talk to my boss about it, and he said there was nothing he could do about it. so i was ultra bummed. i still haven't gone snowboarding since. i want to really really bad.

on a lighter note, on sunday january 27th me and my on-and-off-again girlfriend had a sweet baby boy! he was 6 pounds 7 ounces and 20 inches long. but he is much much larger now! he is the cutest little baby i have ever seen. i love him so so much. after having my baby i dont comprehend how anyone on earth can deny that there is a god. he is such a blessing in my life! he brings me so much happiness and joy. if i ever find out how to post pictures i will. he's adorable.

other than that i dont really do anything with my life. i just kind of sit around my house and do nothing. so if you have any jobs for me, or even ideas, that would be pretty awesome. have a good one, be safe.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

i have quit more things than you've started...

alot is changing. i am waking up in roughly six hours to go quit my job at gay ass culligan, and drive up to snowbird, to start my new job. so excited. we'll see if the happiness sticks with this job. hopefully huh? well, i feel really obligated to update my blog, but to tell you the truth, i dont really feel like opening up my soul and pouring it out onto my keyboard tonight. i guess i could just sit here and tell you a few cool things that have been going on, and maybe i'll feel a bit more inclined. so here we go...

my buddy gus has been chillin with me tons lately and he doesnt have a job or school or anything and his parents pay for pretty much anything he wants. so a week or so ago he went out and bought the first two seasons of the office. hahaha. man, that has opened up a ton of laughs for us. that show is seriously so great. anywho. so we got the great idea to pull one of the pranks from the office on our good buddy josh. so the other day i walked into his house while he was at work and stole a pair of his drum sticks. i came home and put them in jello. then when the jello was done the next day, i went and put the jello on his drums and stole the remaining sticks. hahahaha. i never saw his reaction, but i know it was good, cuz this kid plays the drums non freakin stop. hahaha. and that reminds me...

about a week or two before that, josh was in some forign country i cant spell so me and my buddy gruber went into his house and took every thing, i mean EVERYTHING out of his room and hid the contents in various spots of his house. hahahaha. that was one of the funniest things i've ever done. hahaha.

haha. its weird how that works, but i think im ready to open up now. so here we go. just so your ready, im about to hit a tender subject. religion. so if your gunna get pissed off, stop here.

all my friends are very very into the religion we all claim to be apart of. we are members of the LDS church. and they are all about to the age where they are going to go out into various parts of the world and serve their missions for two years, devoting all their time and effort toward christ and his teachings. unfortunately, i will not be doing the same. for many reasons, one being that my girlfriend is expecting a baby in january. but thats not the only reason.
i have this big problem with the church. hell, i love it and all the good things it has to teach and support. but at the same time, there is just so much wrong with it. just the straight up attitude everyone has with it is my main problem right now. i have this one friend josh (the same one we did the pranks to) that is so stoked to go on his mission it kind of hurts me. it kind of feels like he is abandoning me when i need him most. bu thats not the problem, im just saying that this kid is TOTALLY into the church. he backs it up very blindly and honorfully. ha, i dont think thats a word, but whatever.
there are times when we discuss things about christ and religion that i wonder if he is starting to become an ignorant member of the church like so many that i am surrounded by. dont get me wrong, the religion is great. but it's people... are the absolute worst. the thought process they all have is rediculous. its extremely difficult for me to explain, but if you live in the salt lake vally, or anywhere with a large population of mormons, you know what im talking about.
in all honesty, they cannot be wrong. ever. they are taught to be open minded and give others their oppinions and challenge and learn other things. but they close their eyes when someone else shines light on them about somehing. they come so strong ly on the non member about how they should live their life and what they should believe or not belive, but when someone asks them to question what they have been taught or just listen to a different view on a topic, they wont have it.
its so unchrist like. now dont get me wrong, i consider myself to be part of this faith and the religion, becasue for the main part, the messages and things they teach are good and make this world a better place. but i do not accept that this is the only way to view life, through what some other man has told me god told him. prophets are great. but i have no proof that they are legit, and i will not blindly follow the prophet until i know for a fact that what he says is law. for me right now, this is a very difficult subject to write about, because i cannot find the way to express and put down to words the way i feel. one day, i will know how to communicate this to you, but for now, this is the best i can do.

now please dont misinterperate this. i love jesus, i love god, and i love the LDS faith, and support everyone who backs it up with their life. i respect anyone who stands up and fights for what they believe. i just dont know where i stand in all of it right now.i'll update ya when i know.

if i feel like opening up. hahaha.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

strangling a cat for the hell of it...

today, i found myself thinking about something... something that i realized i acctually think about alot... i just dont really catch myself doing it, so it goes unnoticed. man. that sounds freaking retarded. but hear me out please. life has choices. thats obvious. but it seems to me that lately i have been facing a lot of purdy damn big decisions. if you know me personally, you know that. i'm not going to go into detail about any of them, but just take what im about to say and try applying it to some big decisions that you need to make. so here we go. if at any time this starts to sound like random incoherent rambling, just move along and forget it. but here it goes.

like i said, i am facing a grip of problems that i need to make a choice with. they are problems that earlier in life i would have thought i would never have to face. these are not problems that i can ignore and they will just go away. and i acctually have tried this. i have been trying to do this to my big problems since i can remember. and never, NEVER has it done as i please. it never goes away, and it usually just gets worse the more i leave it alone. and for some reason i just do not learn from it ever.
but as i sat thinking today, this needs to stop right here. starting today its time to buck the freak up. i have let so many people down in my life, and man oh man do i feel purdy damn shitty about it. and for the record, im sorry if you happen to be one of those people. really. but like i said, im identifying the decisions in my life, and i am honestly contemplating them. i am exploring every option that could possibly be available. and i will make the decisions that i think will make EVERYONE the happiest. not just me. not just the other person. not just you. everyone as a whole. and while you may be reading this thinking "well duh, isnt that obvious?", what i say to that is "shove it ya freaking queer." cuz i know that when faced with a difficult adversity, you too probably do some of the same things i do. and you know it, so dont deny it. so now i am going to try my very damndest to come to a conclusion that will make the world a better place. at least to the people effected.
although my delemas need quick resolve, none will be made so in haste. no no fellow friends. i am going to take what i have and thouroughly think things through. if one of the decisions i come to upsets you, im extremely sorry. but just know that i have put everything i could think of into consideration. in no way would i have made the decision to hurt you. i simply find the decision to be the best one i could come to with as little damages to the people involved.

oh by the way, right now im watching "My Name Is Earl" and i love it.
its funny, it always has a good message, and i love his stache. i wanna grow one. its hard.

anyway. i love you all. even if i tell you i hate you to your face or someone else tells you im talkin shit, i love you simply because you are a fellow human being. and believe it or not, you have the same rights i do. in no way do i want to force anything on you. or make you feel like less of a person. i must admit that at times (ha. more like most the time) i dont use my head and put people down, but please dont take it personal. its just me getting caught up in the moment and it is in absolutely no way personal. unless your sharon and robbie roger's little sister. i dont consider you two human.

so in final, i just want to say i am sorry if i have ever offended any of you (minus the previously stated heathens) or not shown you the respect you deserve. lets all get together and as that creep Michael Jackson would say "make the world a better place... for you and for me and the entire human race." hahaha.

go watch "The Ex" i watched it tonight, and its really good.


Monday, October 8, 2007

road trip adventure part 1 (part 2 undetermined)

after going on a road trip this weekend i was thinking to myself, my buddy drew needs to hear about this. but since he is far and away on his good ol mission, i decided to start a blog so that later on he can read what happened that was not too extremely exciting, or he can check it if he feels like doing so whenever.
this past thursday, after getting off work, i came home and immediately got ready to go on a road trip that i had planned (not very well) with two of my buddies. the plan was to set off to st george, stop in cedar city and pick up our good friend colton esplin where he is going to school, stay at my parents house in "st geez" as i like to call it, visit a few of my friends that are going to school there, then on saturday drive down to las vegas and watch a concert with The Dear and Departed, Alexisonfire, Saosin, and Norma Jean, then drive back that night to st george, then drive home sunday.
so we set off... about two hours late. stupid me forgot to get everything ready before i went to work. so i got home with gus and zeek waiting, scrambling to get everything ready to go. then we ran into stopped traffic on the freeway, so decided to change the oil in good ol jackson, and take an alternate route. by the time we got to provo (usually an hour away) we were about two and a half hours behind. so we trecked all the way down and stopped to pick up colton. as we were going to his room, i ran into tyler bell, my best friend from the biggining of high school. we talked for a while and went on our way. then i visited an old baseball buddy of mine named jon ketcher. then we got back in the car to drive to st george. we finally got there and went to hang out with our friends that live down there. we talked and talked till one in the morning then went to bed.
the next day we woke up purdy late, then just took it easy all day. we later went over to our friends place again and hung out for a while and watched the yankees drop a game to the indians in game 2 of the alds. then we went to get some food in our bellies. as we ate i remembered a fun little game that a friend of mine once told me about. the game is, if you set your handburger/sandwich down after taking a bite with out setting a fry ontop of it, or flipping it upside down, anyone can smash it with their fist. so i caught colton setting his down unguarded, and beat that bitch into oblivion. hahaha. it was great.
the next morning we woke up and drove to vegas.
when we got to vegas i wasnt sure which exit to take to get to the casino where our show was going to be played at. so i got off a little early and we got the nice ol scenic route of las vagas. after what seemed like an eternity of driving, we finally got our tickets and went to find the ever famous IN-N-OUT burger. that took forever. apparently las vegas had mentaly handicapped roads that do as they please instead of get you around town.
we got to IN-N-OUT and everyone guarded their burger very intentively. haha. then we left for the show!!!
it was super fun. the first band, The Dear and Departed, was not my style. they kinda made me giddy for some good tunes.
then Alexisonfire came on. i have some of their cd's but have never really listened to them. they absolutely blew me away. i think from here on out i'll listen to them a little more.
then what i was really there for started...


it was great. i have seen them live before, but this time seemed super heaavy and like they cared alot more than they did. days before seeing this show i found out that the drummer was going to be quitting after this tour so it was pretty sweet to get to see him play one last time before he bounced on me. tragic.
then Saosin came on and did extremely better then previous times i have seen them. they preformed with out one of the guitarists due to him being involved with a wedding. but nontheless they did fantastic.
after the show we drove down the strip and went to the Bilagio to watch the water show, then kinda chilled on the strip for a little bit. then we decided to drive home. driviing down the strip that night, no lie, took about two hours. it was super fun to be there with some good friends, no parental supervision and freedom to do as we pleased.
that night we got home and fell asleep, awaking the next day to general conference. i slept through the whole thing for sure. i have never really been too into the church like that. there are just some things i have trouble with in the church that no one can answer my question. and please dont tell me to pray about it. thats retarded. its doctine i want answers about. haha.
my parents left that afternoon and that left us to mousy around for a few hours and watch tv and football and stuff.
then we drove home.
on the way, my tire was feeling low on air (a diagnostic that was easily come to because while in st george my tire would deflate every now and again.) so we stopped about five or ten miles before filmore to fill the tire up. after doing so we got back ont he road and we were still feeling that the tire wasnt right. so we got off in filmore to fill it up a little better. after filling it up we started driving and no more than five feet later my tire popped. hahahaha. it was pretty funny. so then after changing my tire we headed back on the road. my friend zeek drove while i sat in the passenger sear and watched borat on my compuer. haha. i love borat.
then i got home and had some cookies my mommy had baked when she had gotten home. they were delicious.
then i visited my girlfriend and came home and created this blog.

there is my aadventre. now go smash a burger.